The Chronicles of Evil, Featuring Freerider Renata Wiese Peña

Welcome to our monthly installment of The Chronicles of Evil. Similar to The Chronicles of Narnia, there will be flying steeds and questionable lore.


We're fortunate to work with a fantastic crew of athletes and ambassadors, and Renata Wiese Peña is a lionhearted Chilean rider with an ever expanding story in the global freeride scene. Below she shares the highlights from a local winter event in Pyt’s Park called Todo o Nada. Have a read, and then book a dreamy vacation in the Chilean mountains.


What was special about Todo o Nada?

Todo o nada has been my most important event to date because of many things.

Pyt’s Park is the place where I did some of my first bike rides with my dad. We went there to ride every Saturday. It’s the place where I learned how to dirt jump and where I hit my first big jumps as well. Thanks to Pablo Yarur (the owner) I had the chance to ride a big bike again in 2021. So it is a special place to me.

The event was special, because it brought so many opportunities for Chile to grow in the industry and put it in the eye of the world thanks to all the pro riders that came.

I had the chance to ride with people who I admire, not just from other countries but also from Chile.


What did you learn or try?

I learn how to move my bike to my oppo side! Otherwise, I didn't try that much honestly. These were my first big air jumps, so I tried to get comfortable with the air.


What other riders did you meet and take laps with?

I had the chance to share some laps and time with Brandon Semenuk who has been inspiring me since I started riding bikes. And so many other amazing riders I admire as people and as riders. It was so good also, to spend time with my Chilean friends at the event and realize that we have potential. It was very emotional to share this time with my friend and olympic skier Domi Ohaco. She is coming from the ski to the bike and she's been so inspiring to me as an athlete.


What’s unique about the place?

Everything! There’s no time to get bored. You can ride trails, big jumps, dirt jumps, pumptrack, and XC. And the place has carcross, an MX track, horses, trophy truck, cars, etc. The owner loves to drive cars and he is happy to go a jump car at any time. It's a very insane place for people who love extreme sports.


That’s a wrap for this edition of The Chronicles of Evil. Stay tuned for future stories from Evil athletes and ambassadors as the dirt dries.

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