Chamois Hagar FAQ

Where can I find the owners manual for my Chamois Hagar? You can find your owners manual at the below link. Please reference the owners manual prior to your fist ride. Here

Why a 50mm stem? The Chamois Hagar takes geometry queues from our mountain bike heritage and features long top tubes. As it has been proven with mountain bikes, a shorter stem and long top tube keeps you in a pedaling position that maximizes power output and stability of the bike.The Chamois Hagar was designed around a 45-50 mm length stem. If you are looking for a longer stem we offer 70mm and 80mm stem options.

Does the Chamois Hagar support a front derailleur? 
The Chamois Hagar is compatible with braze on front derailleurs. We have out custom braze on front derailleur hanger that comes with each Chamois frame.
This hanger can be easily removed if you are not running a front derailleur.
What's the largest rear tire I can run on the Chamois Hagar? The Chamois Hagar features a dropped drive-side chain stay for added clearance of a 700x50C rear tire and to maintain the short chain stays. Both of these things are what help make this bike capable on gravel and single track.
  • 700x50c is the max tire that can be run on the Chamois Hagar with a single front chain ring.
  • 700x40c is the max tire that can be run on the Chamois Hagar with a front derailleur.
  • 700x40c is the max tire that can be run on the Chamois Hagar with fenders installed.
We have spent time riding tires as small as 700x34c for more of a road setup.
Can I run road plus? We do not recommend using the 650x47c road plus tires due to the height of the bottom bracket. We feel the 700x50c wheel and tire combo is better suited for the variety of terrains you will encounter on the Chamois Hagar.
Does the Chamois Hagar support fenders? There is clearance and mounts to run Fenders on the Chamois Hagar. The maximum size tire we recommend running with fenders is a 700x40C tires. We have chosen to utilize an insert on the seat tube where you can drill a hole in the fender and mount directly to the seat tube. This has a cleaner look and more secure mount for the rear fender. There is also an insert under the crown of the fork where a similar mounting option can be done for the front fender.
In some cases the front fender might need to be trimmed in length due to where the fender struts sit on the inside of the fork legs.
What's the smallest chainring i can run on the Chamois Hagar? The minimum chain ring compatible with the Chamois Hagar is a 36t ring. If you want to run smaller rings you must ensure that you do not cross chain the gears or the chain may rub on the chain stay rubber.
What is cross chaining? Cross chaining is when the chain is in the small ring up front and the small cassette cog in the rear or the largest ring up front and the largest cog on the cassette.
Can I run mountain bike gearing on the Chamois Hagar? 
You betcha. While it is technically out of Shimano's compatibility chart we specify the 11-46T rear cassette on the GRX build kit. The Force-AXS build features Sram's 10-50T rear cassette. We found this is the optimal gear range for the variety of terrain the Chamois Hagar is capable of conquering.
It is very important to note that mechanical road shifters are not compatible with mechanical mountain rear derailleurs.
How many bottle cages? Your hydration is our priority. The Chamois Hagar features 6 bottle cage mounts on the size Small frame and 7 bottle cage mounts on all other sizes. We have one bottle cage mount on the seat tube across all sizes. The size Small frame has one bottle cage mount on the down tube while the size Medium, Large, and X-Large have two bottle cage mounts on the down tube. Additionally, all sizes have one bottle cage mount on each fork leg and one bottle cage mount on the top of the top tube.
Is that a custom fork? Why yes it is. The Chamois Hagar features a custom fork with Evil's custom 56mm offset and 423 mm axle to crown. This fork is compatible with all current road and gravel components. It is a flat mount type brake and features 100mm x 12mm axle and spacing.
The Chamois Hagar is not compatible with suspension forks on the marke given the custom offset and axle to crown on the Chamois Hagar.
How do I route the internal cable routing? These frames are fully internally routed. In order to build up these frames you will need first run the brake hoses and shift housing from the rear to the front.
The fork needs to be removed from the head tube so that you can reach into the head tube area in order to guide the housings out of the internal guide holes.
There are entry points for the housings at the rear of the bike. The brake is on non-drive side inside of the chain stay and sits on the outside of the seat stay above the drop out.
When routing the housings from the rear to the front there is a removable cover on the outside of the down tube just above the bottom bracket. Remove this cover so that you can guide the cables up the down tube.
How do I install the dropper post? GRX You can start your dropper at the head tube and working your way back. You'll want to remove the Di2 Cover Plate to access the dropper housing and use your fingers to guide the housing up and out of the seat tube.
Once the housing is in the bike you'll want to connect the housing to the non-drive side drop bar GRX brake/shift lever.
AXS The AXS kit comes with a Rockshox Reverb AXS dropper post and this post does not require any cable instal.
*You can add a button called the blip for additional customization of the shifter and dropper post. The blip is not included with the Chamois Hagar. 
Can I mount a light to the fork? There is an insert on the backside of the fork to mount a light or accessories. However there is no internal cable routing in the fork legs for a generator hub.
Are there cable plugs for unused routing? Each Chamois Davis comes with cable plugs to keep your bike looking as clean as possible for every build imaginable.
The Chamois Davis includes a 4mm shift plug, 5mm brake or dropper hose plug, solid flat plug to fill any holes not in use and an angled solid plug.
*For Di2 drill a hole in the solid plug in order to run the Di2 cables.
**Angled solid plug goes in the back of the front derailleur cable exit in the seat tube when there is no front derailleur installed.
Can I run SRAM FORCE AXS with SRAM EAGLE AXS? Sram AXS road electronic shifters are compatible Sram AXS X01 and Sram XX1 AXS mountain electronic rear derailleurs in specific combinations. The 1X mountain rear derailleurs are not compatible with 2x front derailleurs.
What flat-mount brake adapters do I need? Flat-mount is the dominant option for road hydraulic disc brakes. The flat mount allows the caliper to sit flush on the chain stay. Both the front and the rear require a specific adapters. The rear is uses a Flat mount 140mm to 160mm rear adapter for 20mm thick frames. The front uses a standard front 140mm to 160mm with normal bolts.
What adapters do I need to run flat bars & brakes? There is the ability to run the Chamois Hagar as a flat bar set up with normal mountain bike brakes. It requires two different adapters specific for the front and the rear. The rear needs a Flat Mount 140mm to Post Mount 160mm with 20mm frame bolts. Make sure to add the actual rear bolt lengths.