Epocalypse FAQ


Can I change the maximum speed?  Nope. The Epocalypse is a class 1 electric bicycle. It is equipped with a motor that assists only while the rider is pedaling until the bicycle reaches 20 mph in the US or 25 km/h in Europe.  

Can I customize the EP8 motor? The Shimano EP8 system was built with total control and customization in mind. No matter what type of rider you are or terrain you’re tackling, the EP8 system can be finely tuned to work for you. Shimano’s E-TUBE software allows you to connect a smartphone to your bike via Bluetooth so you can tweak assistance characteristics, functions of the assist switch, and the computer interface right from your phone. You can customize each power assist level (Eco, Boost, and Trail), within 10 levels of assist character over two custom profiles that are all suited for your style. Further information surrounding the E-TUBE PROJECT app can be found on the Shimano E-TUBE PROJECT website.

How do I activate Walk mode?  To activate walk mode, first switch to OFF mode and then dismount the bike. While in OFF mode, press and hold the down trigger of the assist switch until WALK mode displays. Release the down trigger, push down again and hold until WALK mode is activated. The rear wheel will start moving slowly. WALK support will only be active while the trigger is depressed and only up to 2.5 mph or 4 kmh.  

How do I update the bike’s firmware? You can find the latest firmware releases on the  E-Tube projects website  

Is the EP8 motor and system waterproof? The Epocalypse and Shimano EP8 system was designed to get dirty, and we highly encourage getting out and riding in the rain. Ensure all Shimano EP8 system components are installed correctly, including the battery and battery door. Avoid using a pressure washer to clean your bike or directly spraying any of the electronic interfaces and components on the bike.   

What can I do if my bike’s computer won’t turn on? First, ensure that you have attempted to charge the battery. Secondly, double check all wire connections at the computer display port. Once confirmed, try removing the battery and then reinstalling. Finally, try charging the battery again. If this does not help, please contact an authorized Shimano dealer.   

How often does the motor need to be maintained? How often does the motor need to be maintained?

How much does the EP8 drive unit weigh? Approximately 5.5 lbs.


Will the battery come juiced up and ready to roll?  The EP8 630Wh battery ships in SLEEP mode with a 30% partial charge. The battery must be fully charged prior to the first use.  

How long does it take to charge the battery? Your Epocalypse comes with a Shimano EC-8004-2 charger (or Shimano EC-8004-1 charger for EU). It takes approximately 6 hours to completely charge your BT-E8036 Shimano Battery.  

Can I ride the Epocalypse with the battery removed? Riding your Epocalypse with the battery and battery door removed will leave the frame and EP8 components open to contaminants and void the warranty of your bike.

Will my battery capacity decrease over time? Generally, the battery will decrease by approximately 5% a year. Which means about 95% capacity remains after year one, and 90% after year 2. After 1000 cycles of charging, your battery will hold 60% of its original capacity.

What happens if my battery dies while I am on a ride? All good things must come to an end. This happens to the best of us. Feel free to pedal the old-fashioned way to get yourself home.

Is the battery waterproof?  Even though your Shimano battery is waterproof, please do not submerge or directly spray any electronic components with water.

What is the optimal time to charge the battery? Your battery does not need to be fully exhausted to require a charge. Charging your bike with a partial charge will actually extend the life of your battery. 

How far can I go on one charge? Are there ways to extend battery range? There are many variables that determine the range of your battery. These can include rider weight, wind, terrain type, and the assist level being used. Generally, less drive unit support will extend your battery life throughout a ride.    

How does temperature affect the battery charge? Only charge The Epocalypse in a dry, temperate place. Do not charge The Epocalypse in rain, snow, or excessive heat or cold. Do not charge the Epocalypse overnight or for extended periods of time after the battery has reached a full charge. This could cause damage to the battery and/or charger.

How much does the Shimano BT-E8036 battery weigh? Approximately 7.7 lbs. 

Where is the best place for long-term battery storage? Store your battery in your Epocalypse in a cool, dry, indoor location with a stable temperature between 50 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight or rain. Wet conditions can cause corrosion in certain metal components on your bicycle. Charge battery to around 70% before storing. Every six months, charge the battery back up to around 70%. Before using the battery again, charge it completely.   

What should I do if my battery is damaged? If the battery becomes damaged, do not charge, use, or transport it in any way. Although highly unlikely, use a class D fire extinguisher to extinguish any flames from a battery fire.   


Can I run a 27.5” or 27.5+ rear wheel?The Epocalypse was designed to support a 29inch rear wheel. Running a 27.5+ wheel and tire does not allow for proper tire clearance and this setup will void your Epocalypse warranty.

What’s the max rear tire I can fit in the Epocalypse?  The Epocalypse can fit up to a 29 x 2.6” rear tire.   

What’s the max front tire width for the Zeb spec? The Rockshox Zeb can fit up to a 29 x 3.18” front tire. 

Can I fit a water bottle in the frame? Yes. No two bottles or bottle cages fit in the same package, but here are some rough guidelines for bottle fitment on your Epocalypse. 

Small Frame: Up to a 16 oz bottle (cage dependent) 
Medium Frame: Up to a 20 oz bottle (cage dependent) 
Large Frame: Standard 22oz Bottle  
X-Large: Standard 22oz Bottle  


Can I mount a dual-crown fork on the Epocalypse? The Epocalypse does not allow for a dual-crown fork and using one will void the warranty.

What is the maximum dropper insertion for each frame size? No two droppers fit quite the same. Here is a general max insertion guide for each frame size. 

Small: 170mm 
Medium: 215mm 
Large: 250mm 
X-Large: 260mm 

Reach out to Evil Bikes about specific dropper insertion depth questions.   

Will both coil and air shocks work?  The Epocalypse was designed to accommodate most modern coil and air shocks. Reach out to Evil Bikes to confirm specific shock fitment before installing. 


Where can I find the Epocalypse User Manual?  The Epocalypse User Manual can be found here.