Wreckoning FAQ


Where can I find an exploded view diagram of my bike?   You've come to the right place!  Here

What is the warranty on my bike? Limited Lifetime Warranty information can be found here:   https://www.evil-bikes.com/pages/warranty-policy

How do I adjust my Flip Chips? Remove upper and lower bone link bolts on each side, then remove the 3 flip chip bolts from each side. Flip your Chips 180deg on a horizontal axis. The desired position is noted on the upward facet. The Flip Chip position will be visible when sitting on the bike and should read Low/X-Low depending on model.  

What is the paint code on my bike?Baja Fog - Pantone Warm Gray 8 C  or Clay Porter - Pantone 7607 C  


Which bottom bracket (BB) standard does my bike utilize?  The Wreckoning LS utilizes a threaded BSA 73mm bottom bracket. We recommend pairing your BB & crankset brands, to assure compatibility.   

My chainring is slightly off-center in the upper guide.  
  • If the chainring is too far inboard, try adding one drive side BB spacer.   
  • If the chainring is too far outboard, try removing one drive side BB spacer and placing that on the non-drive side.   
  • If neither of these solutions address the issue, your cranks, or chainring may not accommodate the appropriate chainline. 

What crankset spacing does my bike require? The Wreckoning LS requires a SuperBoost crankset w/ 56.5 mm chain line. We spec a 3mm offset Chainring with SuperBoost+ width Cranksets for most cranksets.  Boost cranksets cannot be modified to work with this frame.   

What are my allowable chainring sizes?  Round: 30-36t / Oval: 32-34t  

Does my bike accommodate a 2x drivetrain?  No. The Wreckoning LS has an integrated 1x upper chain guide.   

Will my bike accept an aftermarket chain guide? Yes. The Wreckoning LS has custom ISCG05 tabs to accommodate aftermarket lower chain guides & bash guards.  

What derailleur hanger does my bike use? The Wreckoning LS utilizes the SRAM UDH (Universal Derailleur Hanger


What is my bike's rear axle spacing?  The Wreckoning LS utilizes  SuperBoost (12x157mm) rear spacing.

What size wheels & tires does my bike fit?  The Wreckoning LS is designed to accommodate 29" wheels with (up to) 2.5" tires.   Front tire clearance is dependent on your fork manufacturer's specifications, although most meet, or exceed 29x2.5".  


What seatpost diameter does my bike utilize?The Wreckoning LS utilizes a 30.9mm seatpost.

What seatpost clamp diameter does my bike utilize? 34.9mm clamp 


What type of brake mount does my bike have?The Wreckoning LS utilizes a 180mm Post Mount rear. Front is dependent on your fork's make & model. Please see your fork manufacturer's website for exact specifications.

What is my maximum rear brake rotor size?  The Wreckoning LS accepts up to a 203mm rotor.


What type of headset does my bike require?  The Wreckoning LS requires a (Zero Stack) ZS44, ZS62 headset. Few alternatives exist. Consult info@evil-bikes.com if you have a headset that you are unsure about.   

What type of steerer tube does my bike require?The Wreckoning LS requires a tapered steerer (1 1/8" - 1 1/2").  

What my frame's minimum possible steerer tube length?  

With zero spacers, assuming a stem stack height of 40mm, your Wreckoning LS requires a steerer length of no less than:  

Small Medium Large X-Large
155mm   165mm   175mm   190mm  

Generally, manufacturers recommend no more than 20mm additional stack height between stem and upper race. The provided measurements account for 0mm additional stack height.   


The Wreckoning LS is designed around a 44mm offset fork.   

How much fork travel can my bike accommodate? The Wreckoning LS is recommended to be paired with a 170mm-180mm travel fork.  

How much travel (suspension) does my bike have?  The Wreckoning LS has 166mm of rear wheel travel. Recommended fork travel (front) is between 170 and 180mm.   

What size shock does my frame utilize?  The Wreckoning LS utilizes a 205x65mm Metric, Trunnion shock.

What size shock mount hardware does my bike require?  The Wreckoning LS utilizes a Trunnion-mounted upper, and requires 8x20mm lower shock mount hardware.  

What approved shock options are available? 

Make   Model   Approved EVIL Spec  
Rockshox   SuperDeluxe Coil   RS SDLXC ULT RCT 205X65 ML 320 ST A2 SHAFT END: TRUNION | BODY END: 8X20  
Fox   Float X2  
Push Industries   ElevenSix   Contact Push for tune info  

It is important to note that each EVIL frame requires a specific damper tune. Often times, a standard off-the-shelf tune will not capitalize on the inherent qualities of the DELTA linkage.  
Various other options may exist. If you are interested in a damper that is not specified on this list, please consult our friendly customer service team at info@evil-bikes.com.